Kate Olguin
Lead Artist & Producer

Kate Olguin is a mysterious gremlin who likes wearing ties and making wacky creatures and the places they live in. She made all the art you see in Friend Sighting (and on this website!). She is also the iron-fisted keeper of dev tasks and the schedule...at least, iron-fisted until someone gives her food. If you see anyone with a manic glint in their eye chattering about Friend Sighting to anyone who will listen, that's probably Kate. 
Leo Bunyea
Lead Programmer

Leo Bunyea is a sweet and kind elf man who likes baking and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. He's one of our two programmers, but he is keeper of the code, master of merge conflicts, and lord of C#. If you see someone with a friendly smile who is quietly and diligently writing down notes and ideas as people play Friend Sighting, that's probably Leo.
Jordan Cattelona
Programmer & Lead Audio

Jordan Cattelona is a dry and bombastic walrus creature who likes playing and writing music and getting angry at his GPS. Jordan Cattelona is Mega Audio Man Extreme, and bestows the gift of sound upon us mere mortals. He also joins Leo in the vast and enigmatic realm of programming. If you see someone cracking jokes to Friend Sighting players and watching worriedly for bugs, that's probably Jordan.
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